Welcome to Mellangården!

The country manor we live in, has been inhabited since the end of the 1700.  The wood cabins you see today were built in the middle of the 1800 which comprises of a switchyard, a small cabin, a sleeping hut, and a barn.

The farm is beautifully located on  oak and hazel hill with many lakes in the area and good fishing opportunities. Many small forest roads provide opportunities for strengthening long walks and excursions.

Lillstugan    includes a shower, toilet, small kitchen, bedroom, loft and a livingroom with a pullout couch, giving up to six people a place to sleep.  
Sovstugan is  a winter insulated hut with 2 beds.  This hut can be rented separatly or in combination with renting Lillstugan.

Sauna house has shower, toilet and relaxing corner.